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There are 6 series of high-function products: shading of reflection, halogen-free and fire-retardant, reinforced and super-tough, electrical and thermal conduction, weatherability and corrosion-resistant and temperature and hydrolysis resistant etc. Aleng plastic has more than10 core technology, more than 10 brands, and total 500 kinds of modified products. Our products are widely used for mobile phone backlight, digital display module, electronic connectors, circuit lighting, automobile and electronic equipment etc.

In the future, Aleng will continue adhering to the core values of ”cooperation, aggressive, sharing”, providing customers with products and services of high quality, creating a “positive, progressive, prosperity, benefit” harmonious environment and development platform for our employees, maximizing the value for our customers and shareholders, taking on the “green business” responsibility for the community and country, and committing to being a technology leader of a new high polymer material application in the field.

At present, Yalun Plastics has an annual production capacity of 10,000 tons of modified polymer materials, and has become one of the well-known modified plastics manufacturers in the optoelectronic industry. The products are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

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