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Effective time of the beauty of plastic 更新时间: 2017-03-08 15:04:57

                                            Plastic, a number of people who gave "arm's length" of the name, but how many people today have become tireless pursuit. As one of the four basic materials, plastic is considered to promote the development of new materials of social productive forces, in many areas has been successfully replaced metal, glass and wood.

With the growing popularity of plastic, and quickly became the 21st century, the most widely used materials, plastic raw materials to product design and process development projects have also been booming. A piece of plastic based material products exudes colorful atmosphere, there is a language of plastic, plastic is a charm, and she makes a piece of cold products have become so educated and temperament. So, how to recognize and understand the plastic, has become today's product designers and manufacturing personnel is a major issue.

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