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German chemical giant made 更新时间: 2017-03-08 15:03:57

                                            Germany's  BASF together Chongqing Chemical and Pharmaceutical Group 350 billion  total investment in Chongqing MDI integrated project, yesterday morning  at the longevity of Economic and Technological Development Zone started  production after the end of 2014 the annual output value of 50 billion,  driven by new upstream and downstream industries value of 20 million to provide thousands of jobs. Party Secretary Bo Xilai met with the BASF board member Brudermüller projects on behalf of investors and partners.

Anticipation that the mayor started, and state-level Economic and Technological Development Award of longevity. Zhou  Ying, vice minister of Water Resources, Ministry of Industry and  Information Technology Vice Minister Yang Xue Shan, the German Embassy  Minister Ko Yin, BASF board member Brudermueller, and city leaders Hu  Jiankang, Tong Xiaoping, Wu Jianong, attended the groundbreaking  ceremony.

Cyclic economic model

MDI  (diphenyl methane diisocyanate) is widely used in polyurethane  products, the core material, while the polyurethane is a type of  synthetic resin, with thermal insulation, sound insulation, wear and  other functions, is a cold food or pharmaceutical production,  transportation and storage the material of choice in  footwear, furniture, household products, sports equipment manufacturing  and other fields have been widely used.

Chongqing  MDI integrated project a total of 17 sets of equipment from BASF and  the Chongqing Chemical and Pharmaceutical Group has endorsed the  construction, use of an integrated cycle of economic model that can  effectively promote the accumulation of resources and factors of  production, through the utilization of raw materials and waste, save  energy reduction and  environment management, which optimize the structure of Chongqing  chemical industry to address the reservoir of industry support,  migration stability, urban and rural development is of great  significance.

Project started, it took 5 years

Anticipation  that the MDI integration project started in Chongqing, Chongqing,  industrial restructuring is a major event, but also the industry in  Chongqing, "five" to a new level with a landmark event. Project from a proposal to start, and it took five years, devoted all efforts. Item  17 sets of equipment, a total investment of 35 billion yuan, is a huge  complex, involving the parties to invest for the formation of consensus,  research and feasibility studies for three years, after the parties  reach agreement, the state authorities, the municipal government and projects involving the company has repeatedly demonstrated the project's environmental safety through 2 years.

Projects  to be started today, first of all to thank Premier Wen Jiabao and  German Chancellor Angela Merkel in July last year to discuss  strengthening the Sino-German economic cooperation, listened to  Chongqing MDI integrated project of the situation, approved the  implementation of the project.

Higher than the national standard of environmental protection

Anticipation  that the MDI project in Chongqing has five salient features: First, it  is the height of China's economic development needs of the project, is  currently very short of the project. Each  family can not do without China plastic products, currently produced in  China every year more than 1,000 tons of plastic raw materials, coupled  with the near to production capacity, will reach 20 million tons. These  materials should become available in real plastic, you need to MDI this  intermediate, probably the country needs millions of tons a year, but  the country's output of less than 100 tons, requires a lot of imports. Chongqing MDI project to start balancing the country's domestic demand.

Second, it is based on natural gas as raw materials of high value-added projects. Natural  gas is a high-quality chemical raw materials, as Chongqing is rich in  natural gas, natural gas is currently mined only as a fuel is often  transported to the country, generated sales of natural gas per cubic  meter of only 7-10 per value, its value has not been fully utilized. Accordance with national requirements, the value per cubic meter of natural gas sales should be at least 10 yuan. Chongqing MDI integration project can generate 25 per cubic meter of natural gas sales value of over $.

Third, it is a high-tech projects. Currently,  there are tens of thousands of chemical companies around the world,  while the MDI projects to large-scale production is only about 100  chemical companies, BASF MDI project as large-scale production of  chemical giant world number three, has the world's most advanced natural gas chemical  technology, the investment and development in Chongqing, China's natural  gas and chemical technology level of strategic significance.

Fourth, it is a highly environmentally friendly projects. Last two years, the parties have been in the demonstration project's environmental security issues. Germany's  environmental requirements is high, the Rhine is 100 million tons of  MDI project; Antwerp, Belgium, in its ports have the same size near the  MDI project, in addition, Japan, Korea and China's Shanghai and other  places, in large scale production of MDI. This shows that, MDI project is environmentally friendly, safe, recognized by the world. We  also attach great importance to the environmental safety of MDI  project, the environmental technology of BASF rigorous examination,  after the approval of relevant state departments, had agreed to start  the project. After  testing, the BASF internal environmental standards higher than the  environmental Changshou Chemical Park, quasi-ring, and environmental  standards Changshou Chemical Park, already higher than the Ministry of  Environmental Protection, the State Administration of Work Safety of the  community to develop environmental standards.

Fifth, it is highly concentrated nature of the project. MDI  as intermediates, raw materials and upstream and downstream industry  has a very strong correlation, the project will boost the production of  natural gas chemical industry, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, plastic  products industry, added value of 20 billion to promote Chongqing Chemical industry structure, especially the upgrading of industrial structure.

Anticipation  that the Chongqing MDI project is called integrated project, because it  is the upper, middle and downstream industry chain integration,  logistics integration, infrastructure integration, integration of public  facilities, environmental protection and process integration, which  requires Construction of the parties to  cooperate, promoting synchronization, synchronization completed, to  ensure the project went into operation.

The German government sent a special letter of congratulations

Brudermueller  said BASF's advanced technology, safe, reliable, local residents on the  project's solemn commitment to the environmental safety of MDI project  and is committed to building a world-class green chemical industry base.

The German government also attaches great importance to the project, specifically sent a congratulatory letter. The  letter said, Chongqing MDI project is Germany's largest investment  projects in central and western China, the world's environmental  technology will reach the highest level of environmental standards. We also hope to take this opportunity to attract more German companies to invest.

Yesterday  listed longevity Economic and Technological Development is the State Department November 11, 2010 approved the upgrade of the National  Economic and Technological Development Zone, the development of an area  of 80 square kilometers. Development  will always adhere to the international advanced "product project  integration, integration of public works, environmental protection,  integration, logistics integration, management and service integration"  development concept, vigorously develop the circular economy, focusing  on the development of chemical, steel, two advantages industry,  accelerate the development of new materials, equipment manufacturing  and other emerging industries, and strive to build a world-class natural  gas chemical industry base, an important petrochemical base in western,  national marine steel supply base, state-level high-tech new materials,  chemical industrial base and domestic first-class equipment manufacturing base.

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