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Asian natural rubber production 更新时间: 2017-03-08 15:03:20

According to the Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries said natural rubber production in 2011 will increase by 6% compared to last year. The Association members supply of natural rubber accounting for 92% of global supply, the public will be 950 million tonnes to 10.06 million tonnes. Market participants believe that the U.S. economy and the debt crisis will slow down the tire and rubber gloves in terms of application requirements, and this year the demand Tokyo rubber futures fell 29%. Due to the recent introduction of the European policy of controlling the economic crisis, the Tokyo Commodity Exchange rubber futures prices rose 4.6% to 295.10 yen / kg.
Association, said heavy rains and floods in Thailand for supply of natural rubber does not have a significant impact, because the natural rubber mainly concentrated in the south. 325 million tonnes compared to last year, Thailand's natural rubber output this year will rise to 3.38 million tonnes; Indonesia's production this year will be 274 million tonnes last year rose to 2.96 million tonnes; and Malaysia rose by 939 000 tonnes 1.02 million tonnes. Exports this year may rise 2.6%, reaching 7.67 million tonnes. China, India and Malaysia's share of global demand for 45% of total demand, this year may be increased only by 0.7% in the three countries last year, growth in demand for natural rubber 4.7%.

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