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There are signs of market confidence 更新时间: 2017-03-08 15:01:00

Recent consecutive trading days, including base metals, gold, crude oil and other commodity prices, a rebound in commodity markets seem to reveal a good atmosphere. After 24 days in New York crude oil surged, have exceeded $ 90 mark. Experts believe that the good news of the boost, oil and other commodities as the main driving force retaliatory rebound.
Confidence in the market to pick up good news

Currently, systemic risk has eased, confidence in the market to pick up good news. New York crude oil futures have returned $ 90, climbed to more than a month high, as of this writing, the price $ 93.80 / barrel, up 2.77%. Brent crude oil rose 0.32 percent to 110.39 U.S. dollars / barrel.

On Friday, the euro zone published statement, approved as a pen the size of Greece, the sixth release of 80 billion euros of aid loans. Celestial Tao Shao, research manager of financial products that this news is the fuse for the current round of commodity prices.

October 23, EU summit reached a preliminary agreement on reorganization of the banking industry that EU governments to the banking system may need to inject 1000-110000000000 euros to deal with the crisis. On the same day, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Greece creditor may be required to accept a 50% to 60% of the Greek national debt impairment.

October 24, China announced in October HSBC manufacturing purchasing managers index hit a five-month preview of the high value of 51.1 points, which is four slightly wounded on the ups and downs of the watershed line station above 50, the data continue to fuel risk appetite up. On the same day, Germany and France came in the European Financial Stability Fund (EFSF) leveraged position tends to unity, the German Green Party leaders said the proposal to Parliament Merkel, EFSF will be leveraged to more than 1 trillion euros. Although the German parliament whether to adopt the proposal is still unknown, but investors are showing a positive attitude.

Recently, the New York Fed President Dudley pointed out that the policy tools the Federal Reserve have not been exhausted, will not rule out a future launch QE3. The comments, for the prices of risky assets to power.

Yesterday, the EU document said, special purpose investment entity (SPIVs) may be set up in several euro area countries, and may be used for the purchase of bonds, bank recapitalization, and said EFSF bonds is independent of the bond transaction.

In addition, the recent dollar index continued to drop, but also further stimulate the oil prices. October 18, the dollar index fell for five consecutive trading days, currently located in the vicinity of 76 points.

Short-term or continuing rise of crude oil

Currently, the market focus shifted to October 26, Merkel's EFSF program can be leveraged by the Budget Committee, and the European Union summit in how EFSF secondary leveraged, debt write-down of Greece to reach specific solutions. Short term, driven by the positive emotions are crude oil prices continue rising, but can not confirm the trend has been a "reversal."

"Short term, the better the data will drive oil prices rose modestly. Short-term price of oil has exceeded $ 90 resistance, $ 90 then converted to a support. And after the break up $ 90, $ 95 may be located above the target." Shao Tao told reporters.

Topix futures analyst Guo Hua believes that crude oil is currently part of the pattern of oversold bounce, the market has also been bad for the pre-digested, but whether the reverse is not yet determined. At present, the overall macro-level is still very clear, and the Middle East situation has eased, the late supply of crude oil increasing trend, so the height of rebound of crude oil remains to be seen.

Recently, the National Australia Bank said that large emerging economies, the rapid growth in oil demand will provide a guarantee to offset part of the United States and the euro area economic outlook the drag. Expected in the medium term NYMEX futures prices for crude oil and Brent crude oil will gradually move closer to that in the medium term NYMEX crude oil prices, while Brent crude oil prices were relatively flat in the estimated price, due to infrastructure improvements that NYMEX crude oil demand in the global market to increase. (Source: China Securities Network)

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