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ALENG company event in 2016 更新时间: 2016-12-30 16:10:00

As time goes by, more than half of 2016 has passed In every one of our achievements, embodies the company leadership of the hard work and effort, with all our staff of unremitting efforts and hard sweat.Back in 2016Companies in order to expand the scale of production and try our best to satisfy customers Since August this year, the relocation of a new starting point  and take the opportunity to sum up the experience and lessons accumulated, as we in the new year smoothly work to lay a good foundation.

(1)ALENG material through material verification BOE, Tianma microelectronics factory and Xinli module factory, and has been put into mass production.

(2)The introduction of the company's advanced plastic modified production line, the yield increased from 7000 tons per year to 15000 tons in.

(3)The introduction of automatic batching and packaging system, greatly improve production efficiency and personnel utilization.

(4)The company introduced the research and development of nano materials, and has begun to small batch production.

The joy of success with sweat, with hardship, regret incentive struggle,2015 of the party, we are full of expectations.Review of the achievements of the past year, we should maintain a good performance record high in the year.

                                               December 30,2016

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