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Respect knowledge, esteem learing, attention to personnel training and techonological innovation, human progress is Aleng’s magic.
   Aleng employee training development, including education and training, job rotation, internal promotion, career planning etc.
    Education and training including: the company’s new orientation, job training, on-the-job training, assignment training. Aleng, internal, focus on the construction of internal instructors; external,  emphasis on targeted, effective, requires not only apply their knowledge, also share the course of study.
    The level of education and training: career development planning for staff training as following: junior staff counselor traning, horse training series, “Mini MBA course” and “manager training” for middle managers; high level of senior management personnel training.

1. Counselors system: each new employees are equipped with a counselor, and the counselors have their allowance.
2. Horse racing system is the primary staff to enhance the green channel
Horse racing, the annual session, after the first test, there will be a three-month learning and development, content-rich, new forms, to enhance the skills and operation capabilities of staff standardized, extensive onsite management knowledge and ideas, and provide a channel for the development and improvement of the onsite staff.
3. Min MBA course , managers’ course----once a year, a series of tailor-made traning organizetion for the excellent middle management.
4. High-level training is a series of training for the senior management on strategic, planning, decision etc.

Humanities, technology, learing, for Aleng’s core value, to learn, repid grow with times.

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