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1、people-oriented, humanistic care, to achieve human capital strategies, innovative talent mechanism

Face to the future, Aleng Plastic established the core values of “humanuties, techonology, learing” and a positive, healthy, civilized and harmonious work environment, talent development, the formation of echelon personnel, to put the development of the staff capacity, enthusiasm and creativity on the company’s important position, pool team together, build high-quality, high responsibility, high efficiency of the personnel, change human resources into human capital. We respect, trust, care for every employee and create the conditions and achievements talent.
       People-oriented, managerial talent, achievements talent, technological innovation and human resources mechanism is Aleng’s talent strategy.

2、Be tolerant to diversity, to promote the competent and honest personnel selection fairly.
  Aleng Plastic is good at breaking the inherent and traditional teaching, and following closely the trend, promote the competent, honest and practical talents, creating a new and suitable for the actual needs of personnel training business model and lay solid human resource base for the sompany’s development and growth. The talents especially the creatve talent is the most valuable asset for our company. Keeping the employees with our cultural education, career, mechanisms and treatment, it’s our successful experience to attract and retain creative talent.

3、Enhance learing, successful career, achievements talent.
   In Aleng Plastic, the most moving thing is that many common employees can do their job carefully and improve themselves conscientiously, and regards their job as part of life.

We advocate learning, has become a culture of learning, foster self-motivation, self-management, self-developmentof talent groth mechanism, while our company try our best to provide staff with a platform to display their ability, to create broader opportunities for career development and spce for employees, so that they are always active and growing with us. It’s an important part of our company talent to achieve the dual development of employees and enterprises.

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