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2004-06 to 2006-03, the initial stage of Aleng plastic material

2006 to the beginning of 2008, the growth stage of Aleng plastic material

The beginning of 2008 to 2009, Aleng plastic material moved to Changping, Dongguan, and changed its name to Aleng plastic, company set development target to be a professional plastic material supplier in the engineering plastics industry.

In 2009, become an important material supplier in the optoelectronics engineering plastic industry.

In 2010, enter into the automobile &motorcycle plastic material industry, production capacity reach 800tons per month.


The growth records of Aleng plastic


In May 2004, Aleng plastic (Aleng plastic) has developed a high light -shielding PC material for the LED digital display module, build high reputation in the field.

In February 2005, Aleng plastic (Aleng plastic) successfully presents an enhanced and light-shielding PC material for LED industry, there are black and white two kinds.

In May 2005, Aleng plastic (Aleng plastic) presents a high-temperature PPA materials for the SMT process  in LED industry, because of the initial stage, the order quantity is not obvious, and there is a huge increase until 2010.

In early 2006, Aleng plastic presents a PC/ABS material for the industry which is focused on the shell of mobile phone, and gradually withdrew from the material of fire-resistance and weathering -resistance series, The material of follow-up automobile industry is also base on the product platform by enhance itself deeply.

In 2007, Aleng plastic (Aleng plastic) presents a appropriative PC high reflective material for the mobile phone backlight plastic frame industry, the mainly use of the PC URZ2501 material in the initial stage of the market so it is not well known at that time, and mainly used by a very small part of factories. In fact, for 2010 the product of mobile phone backlight which requirement of quality in the initial of the market is not perfect and clear. The plastic frame product is not strict for the requirement of shrink and brittle material in some factories, so with the continuous expansion of the market share, the requirement of this series of material is rising and clear. The product of Aleng is constantly updated for the performance and now there are four models : PC122N, PC AL2501, PC110T and PC110TA.

In 2008, Aleng plastic presents a high-power bracket holder plastic material mainly include PPA and PA9T, these materials solved the industry difficulties that the bracket holder getting yellow and burst when baking . And in the subsequent development, there is another new property of the material which is heat conduction, but due to the higher price, the manufacturer of the high- power bracket holder industry is not able to recognize on the material at present.

In 2009, Aleng presents a conductive and anti-static plastic, following the trend of the light industry development, timely presents a high-performance plastic material for the production of plastic and iron molded together, solved the industry difficulties that plastic and iron separation, plastic breaking . Aleng gained the great achievements that Samsung designates to use Aleng's material in the kinds of Samsung new products.

In 2010, Aleng presents a super-tough, cold-resistant and chemical corrosion resistant material instead of the Elizabeth-based company's PC1414, and we launched a weathering resistance material for the automobile & motorcycle industry.

In 2011, Aleng plastic continues to offer a high-performance plastic material for the optoelectronics and automobile & motorcycle industry while market share growing.

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