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 Committed to be the technology leader in the field of high performance plastic materials.

 Co-working and sharing, maximize the value and profit for all employees and shareholders

Company Values
Company atmosphere
Respect for employees: respect for the staff's personal interests (material interests and spiritual interests), the company and employees to share the fruits of development; We respect their individuality and differences to create a good working, living environment and atmosphere for all staffs.

Motivate employees: employees are the most valuable asset to the company; attention on staff performance and contribution; establish a scientific evaluation, selection and distribution mechanism ,fully mobilize the enthusiasm initiative and creativity of employees.
Development Staff: focus on employee growth and progress, Provide staff with learning opportunities and development platform; Help employee self-improvement and self-realization.
Service principles
Innovation: focus on the trends of plastic industry, strengthen R & D capabilities and self-innovations in developing new products.
Customer-oriented: alert about the customer's product development performance, provide good quality and timely products to meet customer new demand; adhere to the customer to save production costs and enhance the core competitiveness of customers' products, grow together with customer.
Continuous improvement: Never stop improving today till satisfied customer in tomorrow,.

Corporate training
Staff Training: Preparation may quicken the work, the training is to enable our colleagues more progressive, powerful then strength the company.

Five culture
Team culture
Put company interests at foremost. Fulfill self-responsibility and duty well.
Brave to take responsibility, Brave to seek responsibility, Self automotive and self-criticism, to prevent buck-passing.

Information sharing, open communication, encouragement to express personal opinions. Understand with each other.
Implementation cultural
Firm executive, only to find a successful method, not an excuse for failure.

Careful thinking, look for direction, insist on doing the right things.

Efficient response, work according to local conditions and strive to do things right from beginning to end.

Attention to details to improve the company's systems processes to make sure management efficiency.

Credit culture
In honestly to heart and what they seem.
To seek trust from facts and be honest to the truth, not expanding, not shrinking.
Honest practitioners, law-abiding.

Culture of innovation
Courage to explore, pioneers, to explore the process when facing failure and learn from failure.

Diligent study, innovative technology, methods and tools to more effectively solve the problem.

Good accumulation in the actual study and summary, to learn by analogy.

Attention to improving, seeking for gaps, set higher standards to achieve the objectives.

Culture of  Giving
Dedication to work with passion
Treat colleagues kindly in company and care family in home.
Positive take corporate responsibility, join and support of social welfare services.
Inspirit and reward the devotees.

★ The company regularly carry out a variety of outdoor activities, sports events annual organized, variety show, birthday events, outdoor team games. Aleng organized a men's basketball team and a football team.                                

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