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Yalun Plastics Co., Ltd. is a polymer modification enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of new materials for high performance special industries. We never pursue the sales and production quantity of impetuous products. We only pursue the performance of high performance and high quality plastic materials. I never thought about serving all the plastics industry. We only want to focus on the plastics industry that our technology can reach. We will fully cooperate with our customers with professional and highly responsible attitude, and make progress together with customers. Bigger and stronger.


We are always paying attention to the development trend of the industry materials, highly alert and flexible understanding of the new performance improvement of materials needed for the development of plastic products, and the development team and the research and development experience of foreign famous plastic raw material factories. Industry experts closely cooperate to continuously improve the performance of existing products, improve the environmental requirements of plastic materials, super quality to meet customer requirements, while protecting the earth and protecting the environment we rely on, so Yalun's independent innovation ability has been recognized by the industry. And lead the development direction of the industry.


Today, Aaron's products cover 6 series including shading reflection, halogen-free flame retardant, enhanced super toughness, conductive heat conduction, weathering and corrosion resistance, temperature and hydrolysis resistance, and other high-performance products. It is widely used in mobile phone backlights and digital display modules. , electronic connectors, circuit lighting, automotive and motorcycle, electronic equipment and other fields.


In the future, Yalun will continue to adhere to the core values of “coordination, progress and sharing”, provide customers with quality products and services, and create a harmonious environment and development platform for employees to “active, upward, common prosperity and mutual benefit”. Customers and shareholders realize maximum value, take responsibility for the society and the “green enterprise” for the country, and strive to become the technology leader in the application of new polymer materials.

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